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Birmingham, England
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Brother Trevor Hodge

With the global reach of the Fraternity and the increased presence of its members worldwide, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. is garnering greater relevance internationally. This was most notably recognized in the United Kingdom, where over time, brothers from across the length and breadth of the contiguous United States and beyond were taking up residency there. It became apparent that if real efforts were to be made to ensure the continuous engagement of these brothers with fraternal activity, considerations to explore the chartering of a Chapter in the United Kingdom would soon become necessary. This timely exploration was realized in the centennial year of the Fraternity.

Over the course of the next several months, the strategic vision was born. This prudent decision to consider European expansion is critical, as never before had the concept of the Chapter engaging fraternal activityin the United Kingdom been considered. In 2010, the establishment of a United Kingdom area was unanimously approved. The strategic move legitimized the significance of engaging the community of Birmingham, England. This progressive development blazed a trail for what would later become Chi Mu Mu.

With the area established in the United Kingdom and an Area Coordinator work began to buiild strong community ties. It was clear that the foundation of any sustainable expansion was primarily, if not solely built on community service.

Recognizing that the UK expansion relied on membership it became obvious that in order to sustain the work of Omega, a strategic plan had to be put in place in order to build capacity. Accordingly, MSP activity began in the UK. With success seen in this area, the possibility of chartering the first ever Omega Chapter in the United Kingdom was explored. The Supreme Council got word of this noble aspiration and Brother Dr. Andrew Ray, 39th Grand Basileus took a keen interest in this initiative.

Having gained international attention, plans progressed in earnest to execute a charter weekend worthy of a Grand visit. The Brothers in the United Kingdom were met with great honor and excitement when the International Headquarters confirmed attendance. The international delegation included the Grand Basileus, Brother Dr. Andrew Ray; Grand Counselor, Brother Christopher Cooper; Executive Director, Brother Kenneth Barnes; Chief of Staff, Brother James Jordan, International Talent Hunt Chair, Brother Larry Pough; Finance Manager, Brother John Howard; Brother Benjamin Jeffers and Brother James Elam. In addition to the international delegation, the District was represented by the 13th District Representative, Brother Matthew Coleman; 2nd Vice District Representative, Brother MacAndrew Clarke; District Marshal, Brother Stanley Phillips and the 13th District Director of Public Relations, Brother Trevor Hodge. Fraternal representation was drawn from brothers hailing from Germany, Canada, Washington, DC, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, New York, Ohio, Atlanta, Italy and host country, England.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the initiation ceremony held on Friday, June 22nd, 2012, which was presided over by the Grand Basileus. This weekend culminated in the chartering of what is now the first chapter to be chartered in the United Kingdom – Chi Mu Mu (XMM).

Brother Trevor Hodge                                                                                                                Basileus
United Kingdom

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One thought on “Chi Mu Mu

  1. Greetings my Brothers
    Brandon Johnson #17 Spring11 Lg Elizabeth City State University, Nc is coming to you now seeking information, help, and support. Grandfather Roscoe Killett Fall 86″ Dg Fayetteville Nc, and my Father Rossie Johnson Fall 85 Eg Saint Paul University. I am a young 23 year old man currently living in Poland looking to start my carreer in Graphic design in London and taking what Ive learned back home to Usa.

    The main problem I am having is just finding a job that will host an american like myself. I have a 3month stay visa with an American passport, I’m also apart of Aiesec where I can get the right Visa as long as the company agrees with it in the contract. But I know what it takes to get the proper visa, all I have to do is find a company who will agree.

    I am planning on moving to London next week and want to try to see what will happen. If you have any any connections with inter/job opportunities that would be great. I have seriously sent out over 200 application in the past 2months and no responses.

    I swear I would be the happiest man on planet earth if I can get something. Also spreading Omega Psi Phi internationally is such a beautiful thing. I have had countless people come up to me and ask about our fraternity and they so excited to actually hear it from an native of America. So please any info you have would be great to know. Thank you- ROO!

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